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Jason Michael Purcell
Web Sites: Legacy Sword Arts

After living a life of darkness for years, Jason became a Christian in 1995. Very soon after, he met his wife in a coffeeshop on the Murray State University (MSU) campus. They married thirteen months later.

As an independent consultant, Jason provides software architecture and engineering services. He was the MSU fencing instructor from 1996 until the program became a victim of budget cuts in 2008. Since 2007, he has been in "private practice," with a studio on Court Square. In 1998, he became involved in prison ministry, and regularly works in that capacity to this day.

Intensely political, Jason is both a civil libertarian and a social conservative. "Most anything should be legal, and you should do almost none of it," he wryly explains in gross over-simplification. This unnatural melding of seemingly-conflicting socio-political philosophies serves to offend most everyone in his life.

Jason loves, respects, and is grateful for his wife, but admits he is a better father than husband. He adores his children, and is very proud of the loving and trusting relationship he and they have together forged.
Allison Clare (Diaz) Purcell
Web Sites:  A Murray State University (MSU) graduate with honors, Allison is an oboist who dabbles in piano and guitar. After graduation, she continued in the MSU orchestra until her first child was born. She still plays in church functions, and will someday resume her orchestral performances. Besides instrumental music, Allison's artistic talents extend to singing and dancing. She continues to pass her passion and skills for all these disciplines to her children.

Allison served first as Volunteer Services Coordinator and later as Client Services Director of LifeHouse Pregnancy Care Center in Murray, and has often spoken to churches, schools, and the community-at-large on behalf of this organization. She now spends most of her time homeschooling her children, but still crochets and tends to her flowers and tomato plants. Half Mexican and half Russian Jew, Allison reproduces elements from both sides of her heritage in her children.

Her social nature keeps her blogging, facebooking, and instant messaging between school lessons, so she's not hard to find if you want to chat.
Natasha Mercedes Purcell

Nicknames: Natalia, Tasha, Ta, Na-Ta, T, T-Bone, Dancer Girl, Side-Table Ta (don't ask), Tornado, Power Drill, Flower, Little Burrito, Lenny, Rwanda

Web Sites: Baby Tasha's Web Site

Until Natasha came along, Jason thought Allison was a motor mouth. Even before she could speak English. Natasha would stand on a chair pontificating with pointed finger in dynamic intonation. Years later, we still wonder what she was so worked up about.

Tasha is our original "Dancer Girl." Never as interested in singing, She'll move to anything from chamber music to hip hop to speed metal. The only genre she refuses to entertain is country — she curls her nose, covers her ears, and complains until we "make it stop." Natasha takes piano lessons, and has in the past been involved in violin, gymnastics, tap, and ballet. She loves to watch basketball with her daddy and ice skate when she gets the chance.

Natsha is a fantastic reader. Her favorite subjects are math and writing. Only recently has her father seen results from his efforts to interest her in science and history. Natasha, who started fencing at age six, is a loving and compassionate daughter.
Eliana Katana Purcell

Nicknames: Ana, Anaka, Kat, Little Warrior, Lightning, Jackhammer, Bulldozer, Ribeye, Thumper, Sunshine, Little Enchilada, Squiggy, Zimbabwe

Web Sites: Baby Ana's Web Site

Unitl Eliana came along, we thought Natasha was a motor mouth. Ana, was a late bloomer, but once she started talking, she never shut up. Natasha, in seeming realization that she had been out-jawed, soon gave up the fight and ceded the spotlight to her sister.

As an infant and toddler, Ana's method of showing love was to deliver a solid head butt to the forehead or bridge of the nose. Today, she usually opts for the more traditional cuddling that her sister prefers, but still ocassionally delivers a spontaneous jab followed by a roundhouse, so don't let your guard down if she's within arm's reach.

Like Natasha, Ana is a profoundly expressive dancer, and a fabulous big sister to her brother. She is also a daredevil of a gymnast and ice skater, and a gifted artist: Her colorings and drawings are exceptional for a child her age. She is just starting to spell and read, and can't wait until her daddy says she's old enough to fence.
Talon Blade Purcell

Nicknames: Tal, Hawk, Samson, Little Britches, Little Man, Little Chimichanga, Sirloin ("Sir" Loin), Big Finish, Thunder, Buzzsaw, Hammerfist, TAY-lahn (the boy barbarian)

Web Sites: Sadly, Talon's daddy hasn't made a web site for him yet. What a slacker. He'll get to it.

Until Talon came along, we thought Eliana was a motor mouth. Actually, we still do, she just has a rival now. Ana and Talon compete for "air-time," and neither has any interest in keeping their bottoms still any more still than their gums.

Talon is all boy, except for the dancing that he picked up from all the women in the house. He doesn't really say more than a few words, preferring instead to grunt, growl, hum, and scream, but he's always making a noise of some sort. Talon, like Ana, can't wait to fence, and learned to lunge simply by emulating his father when he was just over a year old.

His favorite things are riding on Daddy's shoulders; dancing to The Wiggles; kitty cats and puppy dogs; running, jumping, punching, kicking, and somersaulting; and, of course, his Mommy.